Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I Like at the Moment...

I have my favorites that (at least I think) will never change. For example: my Cricut Expression and all the cartridges, my Gypsy, my paper cutter, my ATG gun and certain other adhesives, my craft mat... You know, all the "must haves" that you can't do without.
Then there are things that I "seasonally like" and gravitate towards. At the moment on my list are...

My (old fashioned) Dymo labeler and clear tape for it.
Kraft CS
All sorts of (weird) papers; tissue paper, different packing papers, pages from old books, maps, kraft paper and so on...
Americana acrylic paints (awesome coverage with just one coat)
Tattered Angels glimmer mist
Jute cord and hemp cord.
All recycled stuff
Tearing and distressing

My Craftroom

Here is my room. It's quite small (or too full...), but I love the fact that I have my own room. 

Ladybug Card

Somehow missing something, but I can't decide what, so it's declared as "done" at the moment. Ladybug and leaf are cut from "Walk In My Garden" Cricut cartridge. Grass is from "Zooballoo". Some bling bling with Stickles glitter glue.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Card

Here is a very simple birthday card I made. Text is cut from "Pooh Font Set" Cricut cartridge and welded with Gypsy. Balloon is cut from Celebrations Cricut cartridge. Added few buttons and... Done.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Melt Potting"

I have been eyeing the magic "Melting Pot" in Michaels for quite some time and wondering what on earth it really is. Well, few days ago I "Googled" and "You Tubed" it and the result was that the next day I practically run to get it. I could NOT get to Michaels fast enough. 

I got my Melting Pot, Kool Toolz, clear UTEE and cookie cutters. Later I realized that I should really get some FLEX in case I happen to make accidentally something so awesome that it's a "forever keeper". Jo-Anns had none, Michaels had clearanced them out (!!!!) a while ago, and smaller craft stores were already close. Next day I fortunately found some (eh, bought all 3 bottles they had) from my local scrapbooking store, and  today finally... PLAY TIME!

All except the clear ones are done with various embossing powder mixes. I have lots of embossing powders and now they finally get some good use. It was really fun to try different combinations and see what comes out of it. I realized that I don't have any bright colors, so I need to fix that. I do plan to color clear UTEE with my Tim Holtz alcohol inks. I have all the colors and they can be used if not poured directly to the pan, so I think that is way to go. Saves lots of money since I already have them. I just wasn't brave enough to use them first time trying. Heat and alcohol don't mix too well...

Anyways, clear ones are done on top of the stamp with clear UTEE and FLEX. I plan to color the texture side with alcohol inks. I will post pictures later if they come out fine and don't end up back into the magic pot.

I already dipped some of my Prima Flowers in the clear UTEE and plan to definitely do that more. Flowers get really nice "glass" finish. With FLEX mixed in, they don't crack. So many possibilities.
Later on maybe I try to make candles and lip balm. VERY ADDICTING POT!


I made a wreath for my front door today. All supplies (except the hot glue gun and the glue sticks) came from the Dollar Tree. About three hours and lots of burnt fingers, but I'm happy with the end result. Total cost $7. 
I probably put something hanging in the middle when I find something appropriate. But for now, it's done, and hanging on my door.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(Bunny) Mom's Little Helper.

I love working with cardboard. Tear it, distress it, etc... Mostly make covers for my BIA books from it. 
Like this unfinished project:

It takes A LOT of time and tearing to reveal the corrugated part. Especially on bigger projects. If you do it, you know what I'm talking about... Ugh! 

Anyways, one day I realized that my bunny basically is doing exactly what I am, when he gets a piece of cardboard...
Now I have several larger pieces that I can use and cut to size. And... he did all of the work. 
Now I can say, when he is tugging my sock in a kitchen demanding his carrot, that he definitely has earned it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paperboard Egg Carton Rose

I haven't done much crafting lately. I'm not 100% well at the moment, and because of that I'm very tired. 

Today I finally got one project finished. It's a paperboard egg carton rose. Assembled from torn egg carton pieces and painted with "Americana" acrylic paint (country red). On top of that there is quite generous layer of  "Tattered Angels" glimmer mist (candy apple red).

I couldn't really capture the glimmer part in my pictures, but the rose has a very pretty golden glimmer to it.

Painted Rose

Glimmer Misted Rose