Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Year Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY!

This upcoming Friday it has been ONE YEAR since my first blog post. As a way to say THANK YOU! to all the people who are hanging out here with me, I am going to have surprise giveaway.  Surprise part being that you don't know what you are entering to win.

At first I wanted to automatically enter everyone who has left a comment on my blog or is following. But... Some people might be long gone by now, and it might be quite a task to track down the winner, so this is how it's gonna go:

To be included in this drawing, leave a comment (with your e-mail address) to this post. You can even skip the comment and just leave your e-mail address.  

You can enter till 6PM CST on Friday 10/1/2010. I will draw the winner that evening and post the winners name on my blog.

You might want to put your e-mail address in form: "cricutcase at hotmail dot com". That prevents your e-mail being detected by spambots.

Good Luck!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Lace Ribbon Flowers

Here are all I have made so far. This picture shows the color of the lace, and buttons. Previous pictures were really "washed".

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lace Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Ok... I'll try to explain how to do these flowers. They are REALLY easy (and fast) to do.
Here are your supplies for this one: 
Lace ribbon. I got mine from Joann's "2 for $5 bin". 10 yards for $2.50.
Thread and needle. I used Guterman quilting thread. It's sturdy and takes lots of pulling compared to normal thread.
Card stock. I cut little flowers with Cuttlebug "Flower #2 die". With this one I used the smallest die.
Cut 12" piece of the lace. Thread your needle and make a knot. Make a hefty knot, since this is lace.
Gather the ends and sew them together. I didn't sew the lace part, just the inner "rim".
You end up with a circle. 
Then, start anywhere in your circle and make a running stitch all around the inner rim. 
When you are done, pull the thread to tighten it and gather the lace as tight as you can.  When it's tight,  sew few knots to hold it in it's place.
 Now you should have this. Even out the ruffles if needed.

 Take your hot glue gun (I used low temp option) and glue your card stock piece to the back of your flower.

Front side is left with a small hole. This is perfect for the buttons that have a shank like mine did.

Put some hot glue into the hole and around it. Attach your button. Easy with the glue so it won't ooze, and don't burn your fingers! 
TA DAA! Your flower is ready! 

You can't really see the color, but my lace was ivory, so I chose ivory card stock, thread, and button with gold and ivory pearl.  First picture is the best one color wise. 
You can use any kind of ribbon to do this. Lace or even tulle. I didn't make layers, but that works too. Just attach your layers with few stitches or glue.  Any kind of backing works also. You don't even need a backing. I just thought that it finished the flower nicely. Buttons, bling, anything that you can think of in the middle. Other glues probably work well also, but I'm a glue gun girl.
For smaller flowers that I posted earlier, I used 8" piece of ribbon. 
You can stitch and gather the lace when it's one long strip. I personally find it easier to make a circle first.

Lace Ribbon Flowers

I made these today. Highly addicting...
Ingredients are: lace ribbon, string & needle, buttons, hot glue, and card stock circles or something similar for the back of the flower. 
Sorry, couldn't really get a nice picture of these...

Back of the Flower

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cotton Bandage Mummy

This is a "prototype part" for my Halloween cards this year. Mummy is cut from Paper Doll Dress Up cart. I removed those little notches and wrapped him with cotton bandage. I attached the strips to the back with mono adhesive as I wrapped, and when I was done, I put a layer of Martha Stewart decoupage glue on the back to keep it all together and neat.
I make a card out of it when it dries completely. Eyes are not attached cause I'm not completely sure what I want to do with it, but I wanted to see how it looks with them.

(Not So Traditional) Wedding Card

I made this card today for a not so traditional couple that had not so traditional wedding.

Couple is cut from Sweethearts. Bouquet is made out of pom pom lace.

My Re-Arranged Craft Room

Here is my "new" old room. I bought some shelving that I desperately needed and did some moving around. I thought I take pictures of it before I completely mess it today.
I have HARDEST TIME getting decent pictures because the room is so small. Can't get far enough. I tried to do "around the room" pictures and it ended up to be quite few... Please ignore the chaos on the table in third last picture. I went shopping yesterday and haven't put the stuff away yet.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My new Bug is here!

My Cricut Imagine arrived yesterday! I haven't had time to play with it much at all, but I'm already loving it! 
I'm re-arranging my room and still in the middle of it. I did get a spot cleared out for my I so that I could try it out, but there is still piles of "stuff" waiting waiting to put in place... UGH!
I will post pictures my "new" old room when I get it done.

Here is my very first quick print/cut:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Autumn Acorns

Here is a card I made today. Even tho it's a fall card,  I wanted to steer away from traditional fall colors. 
So, here is autumn acorns with not so traditional colors. Acorns are cut from Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art cartridge. Added some embossing, ribbon, bling, copper letters, and glass leaves. Unfortunately, it's really gloomy day here today, so I couldn't get the best picture of it. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Blog Layout

Pardon my dust while I'm getting my new layout up and running.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sick as a Dog LO

Title and dog laying in a bed are cut from Paper Pups. Medicine bottle is cut from Simply Sweet. Tag is cut by hand. Tag "pull" and wrapping around photo mat is cotton bandage strip. Flowers are also made out of cotton bandage. Brown bandage is real. "Tape" in a left bottom corner is 3M Steri-Strip. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stick Pin

I was playing with stick pins today and made this. Pins are from Joann's floral section. They had pins on the bridal section too, but they were shorter. I also saw tear drop shaped ones there before, but the quality wasn't great. Lot's of excess on the pin which means sanding the pins to get the first bead flush against the top. 
I was really happy to find these. They are 3-1/16" long and really substantial. Top is 6mm.
I will definitely be making more of these.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cotton Bandage Flower Tutorial

Here are instructions for making these flowers...

Here is what you need: Cotton bandages. I used squares that are bit shy of 2 inches. Something to color your flower with if you don't want it to be white. Scissors and thread.

This is how the square looks when opened.

My flowers have five petals, so one square isn't enough for one flower. Cut as many squares as you want petals, and color your bandage if you want. I colored mine with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, but since it's cotton, pretty much any coloring method works. After coloring let your bandage dry.

After your bandage has dried, fold squares into triangles.

Hold the open end and pull from the other end. Bandage gives in a little and you end up with this.

While still holding the open end, gather two remaining ends under your finger.

Mold the petal with your fingers to give it shape, and roll the open ends together.

Do this with all the petals.

Gather the petals in your hand rolling the ends together. Tie thread around rolled part.

You end up with this.

Cut away the excess.

You end up with this.

Open the petals. Spread the bottom part a bit so it's less bulky. I spread mine and mush it against table.

There is your flower. You will lose bit of the glitter (using glimmer mist) while you are making the flower, but you can always spray few times over your flower if it looks dull when it's ready. Colors here are Candy Apple Red and Yellow Daisy. I didn't put anything in the middle, but you can use bling, buttons, stamens etc... Hot glue is best for attaching bling and buttons, stamens you can just put in the middle before tying the thread around your petals. You can also play with different color combos and techniques.