Monday, September 6, 2010

Cotton Bandage Flower Tutorial

Here are instructions for making these flowers...

Here is what you need: Cotton bandages. I used squares that are bit shy of 2 inches. Something to color your flower with if you don't want it to be white. Scissors and thread.

This is how the square looks when opened.

My flowers have five petals, so one square isn't enough for one flower. Cut as many squares as you want petals, and color your bandage if you want. I colored mine with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, but since it's cotton, pretty much any coloring method works. After coloring let your bandage dry.

After your bandage has dried, fold squares into triangles.

Hold the open end and pull from the other end. Bandage gives in a little and you end up with this.

While still holding the open end, gather two remaining ends under your finger.

Mold the petal with your fingers to give it shape, and roll the open ends together.

Do this with all the petals.

Gather the petals in your hand rolling the ends together. Tie thread around rolled part.

You end up with this.

Cut away the excess.

You end up with this.

Open the petals. Spread the bottom part a bit so it's less bulky. I spread mine and mush it against table.

There is your flower. You will lose bit of the glitter (using glimmer mist) while you are making the flower, but you can always spray few times over your flower if it looks dull when it's ready. Colors here are Candy Apple Red and Yellow Daisy. I didn't put anything in the middle, but you can use bling, buttons, stamens etc... Hot glue is best for attaching bling and buttons, stamens you can just put in the middle before tying the thread around your petals. You can also play with different color combos and techniques.


cricaholic said...

THAT IS SO CREATIVE!!! I can't wait to try it. TFS!!!!

DtsArt said...

how fun really like the yellow one

Anne said...

Yellow one came out really striking. This stuff glimmer mist nice.

Kristi said...

awesome idea..I haven't seen these before. I'll give 'em a try! TFS!

goatesgirl said...

Ihave a ton of these bandages lying around and easy access to more from my sis in law whose a nurse...woohoo..I am going to try coloring them after they are made with some homegrown glimmer mist

Anne said...

My husband is a paramedic, so I know what you are saying goatesgirl... I thought that I try to re-purpose them since we never use them, lol.

Crafty Carrie said...

These are crazy. I am a dental hyg. and I use these all day long and would of never thought in a million years to make a flower out of them. I am so going to try this, but with new one not used ones! Gross right,that is dental humor, Sorry.

Beebeebabs said...

Wow this is beautiful thanks for the tutorial!!!