Monday, September 20, 2010

Cotton Bandage Mummy

This is a "prototype part" for my Halloween cards this year. Mummy is cut from Paper Doll Dress Up cart. I removed those little notches and wrapped him with cotton bandage. I attached the strips to the back with mono adhesive as I wrapped, and when I was done, I put a layer of Martha Stewart decoupage glue on the back to keep it all together and neat.
I make a card out of it when it dries completely. Eyes are not attached cause I'm not completely sure what I want to do with it, but I wanted to see how it looks with them.


thescrapbookgirl said...

He makes me laugh! :)

Great idea... I might have to steal!

*BJ* said...

How Cool!!! love it. Happy crafting!

WAM Family said...

Awwwe!!! He is so cute! Thank you for sharing.


Kate said...

What an adorable mummy! Your blog is great, thanks for sharing all the pics of your scrap room as well!

Michele said...

That's really cute!!! I can't wait to see a finished card :)

Mrs. Green said...

That is so creative!

Ladybug said...

Anne, that is such a super idea!! Wish I would've thought of that or seen this before I made my MIL's BD card.

What I did for her envelope (I'll post it soon on my blog!) was:-

To: then had the mummy & a cat.
Soooo, it was an envelope to my Mummy! (well, kinda! she's my MIL)

Soooo, you could do the same if you wanna! Give it to your mummy or mummy in law. :-)