Friday, September 24, 2010

Lace Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Ok... I'll try to explain how to do these flowers. They are REALLY easy (and fast) to do.
Here are your supplies for this one: 
Lace ribbon. I got mine from Joann's "2 for $5 bin". 10 yards for $2.50.
Thread and needle. I used Guterman quilting thread. It's sturdy and takes lots of pulling compared to normal thread.
Card stock. I cut little flowers with Cuttlebug "Flower #2 die". With this one I used the smallest die.
Cut 12" piece of the lace. Thread your needle and make a knot. Make a hefty knot, since this is lace.
Gather the ends and sew them together. I didn't sew the lace part, just the inner "rim".
You end up with a circle. 
Then, start anywhere in your circle and make a running stitch all around the inner rim. 
When you are done, pull the thread to tighten it and gather the lace as tight as you can.  When it's tight,  sew few knots to hold it in it's place.
 Now you should have this. Even out the ruffles if needed.

 Take your hot glue gun (I used low temp option) and glue your card stock piece to the back of your flower.

Front side is left with a small hole. This is perfect for the buttons that have a shank like mine did.

Put some hot glue into the hole and around it. Attach your button. Easy with the glue so it won't ooze, and don't burn your fingers! 
TA DAA! Your flower is ready! 

You can't really see the color, but my lace was ivory, so I chose ivory card stock, thread, and button with gold and ivory pearl.  First picture is the best one color wise. 
You can use any kind of ribbon to do this. Lace or even tulle. I didn't make layers, but that works too. Just attach your layers with few stitches or glue.  Any kind of backing works also. You don't even need a backing. I just thought that it finished the flower nicely. Buttons, bling, anything that you can think of in the middle. Other glues probably work well also, but I'm a glue gun girl.
For smaller flowers that I posted earlier, I used 8" piece of ribbon. 
You can stitch and gather the lace when it's one long strip. I personally find it easier to make a circle first.


Natalie said...

Gorgeous flowers and they look so easy! Thank you for sharing.

starsunflowerstudio said...

Oh how very sweet! Thanks for sharing. :)

cricaholic said...

OH My GOSH!!! it's that EASY!! I cansee where these are going to be addicting!! They're GORGEOUS!! Thank You so much for the directions!!!

Carrie K said...

these are gorgeous! I'm gonna have to try some!!

Michele said...

These are beautiful! Thank you so much for the tutorial, I am going to give these a try!

thescrapbookgirl said...

Thank you so much! Now I will have to try them!

Maria said...

Wow! These flowers are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to make some!

Ladybug said...

OMG, Anne, those are simply gorgeous!!! LOVE 'em!! Thanks so much for the tut!! :-)