Monday, September 20, 2010

My Re-Arranged Craft Room

Here is my "new" old room. I bought some shelving that I desperately needed and did some moving around. I thought I take pictures of it before I completely mess it today.
I have HARDEST TIME getting decent pictures because the room is so small. Can't get far enough. I tried to do "around the room" pictures and it ended up to be quite few... Please ignore the chaos on the table in third last picture. I went shopping yesterday and haven't put the stuff away yet.


WAM Family said...

Very nice scraproom. I wish I was that organized.

Thank you for sharing.


Anne said...

I have to try. Otherwise I can't find anything...

Ladybug said...

I commented on your room in your April post saying I loved your room. Guess what??? I STILL LOVE your room. ;-)

That's one cute li'l "telephone box" storage unit. Sweet!! :-)